Key Takeaways from the 2019 Staffing World Conference

Key Takeaways from Staffing World by Crelate

Crelate was pleased to participate as a Select Sponsor of ASA’s Staffing World conference

Staffing World was a successful 3-day conference full of innovation and learning hosted by the American Staffing Association (ASA). The conference in Las Vegas was filled with 3 keynotes and over 25 sessions tailored to staffing companies. Along with 60 expert speakers and session panelists ready to share new ideas, what’s working, and what’s emerging in the staffing industry.

Crelate was pleased to participate as a Select Sponsor for the first time. The Crelate team enjoyed engaging with industry partners as well as existing and future customers. Traffic at the Crelate booth was steady which gave the Crelate Customer Success team an opportunity to show off Crelate Talent’s latest advancements including:

  • An engagement portal to collaborate with clients and candidates and have interactions stored in your ATS without giving full access to all your recruiting data
  • Communications tools to call or text candidates and clients without leaving the Crelate Talent application
  • Email campaigns to send mass, targeted emails to a group of candidates or clients and measure the success of your recruitment marketing efforts by learning which emails have been opened, clicked, and more

The American Staffing Association continues to focus its strategy on being a vital contribution to the U.S. economy, hiring nearly 17 million temporary and contract employees each year. The conference amplified ASA’s goals, trends, and solutions for the staffing industry.

Our key takeaways from the conference include:

MSP as a New Road to Growth for Professional Staffing Companies

In a session by David Ballew, he notes that the managed service provider (MSP) market isn’t exclusive to big companies anymore. Instead, he suggests that advances in technology-particularly vendor management systems (VMS)-are opening the MSP market to small and medium sized companies. Staffing companies that are doing a lot of the coordination between a vendor and a services company can consider the value of becoming an MSP for their clients. MSPs can offer services on top of their existing staffing offerings.

Recruiters’ Technology Secrets and Solutions

In a panelist session by Brian Donne Dell of Talent Tech Labs, he spoke with three decision makers about the technology they’re using for agility, responsiveness, and efficiency to support some of the industry’s most successful recruiting operations. Crelate Talent was listed under the staffing ATS section as an emerging tool that supports candidate sourcing, engagement, interviewing, and management. Talent Tech Labs releases a frequent report of all the industry’s recruiting technology on the market. It’s available here.

Supporting the Future Workforce

ASA is all about supporting the industry’s leaders, workers, and even future talent. The Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program is all about preparing at-risk youth across the nation for their future roles in the workforce. For 39 years, the program has helped more than one million people across 1,300 communities in 35 states, with employment one year after graduation.

A Great Conference

Technology moves quickly, and at Crelate we move with it. Each year, we attend recruiting and staffing industry conferences to discover how recruiters are innovating and learning. We’re happy we attended and sponsored Staffing World for the first time. We’ll see you all at Staffing World next year!


To learn about the benefits of a unified recruiting CRM and ATS solution and how recruiters are making more placements with Crelate Talent, get in contact with the Crelate team today.


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