Crelate’s What’s New in May 2018

What's new in May - Crelate

It’s May so change is in the air, spring is giving way to summer, the days are growing longer, and Crelate is just getting better. This release focuses primarily on compliance, specifically assisting you and your organization with GDPR. We’ve also made some tweaks to your Crelate account so it’s more efficient and more responsive.

You make Crelate better everyday with your continued use and support. We are proud to build Crelate for you and it truly wouldn’t be what it is without your enthusiastic support.

Thank you so much.

– The Crelate Team

NEW – GDPR Compliance

GDPR is going into effect May 25th, 2018. While the regulations focus on the EU, we think it’s important to provide tools that you can use to help you comply with the regulations. We’ve added a wealth of features to do just that.
Please Note: These tools should be be used in conjunction with a comprehensive GDPR Compliance plan. They do not automatically ensure compliance.

  • NEW Compliance Tracking – You need to know at a glance the consent status of your candidates. You can now easily view that status of candidates individually and across jobs. We’ve added a badge to candidates profiles that indicates consent status. What’s more we’ve added several views to quickly visualize consent status across a multitude of candidates. You’ll always know exactly who has and hasn’t consented and who you need to ask.
  • NEW Compliance Requests – Clicking on the badge brings up a history of the candidate’s consent status. You can see their current status in more detail and the history details. If a candidate has neither accepted your declined your data policies you can easily send an email by clicking on the send request button. This sends an email to the candidate with your data usage and privacy policies.
  • NEW Compliance Email – You can individually or bulk email candidates to ask for consent by inserting a consent link in your emails. This hyperlinks are unique for each candidate, so you’ll always have the most accurate consent status for your candidates.
  • NEW Compliance Visualizations – Admins will have a new tab entitled Compliance. This will take you to the Compliance Visualization section with four different views – New Requests, Completed Requests, Contacts with Consent, Contacts without Consent.
    • New Requests – GDPR Requests from the portal privacy page will be tracked here. There are four different types of requests. Opt out, Update Data, Request Data, Suspend Processing. Any requests made via the portal or when users select the opt out link in your compliance emails will appear here.
    • Completed Requests – This view displays the requests that you’ve marked for completion
    • Contacts with Consent – This view displays a list of all contacts in your system who Crelate has recorded consent for.
    • Contacts Without Consent – This view displays a list of all contacts in your system Crelate does not have recorded consent for. You can send a request for consent here to contacts with a primary email address. If no email is on file, you can click on the contact and manually enter an email.
  • IMPROVED Compliance Settings – In addition to EEOC, new GDPR Settings live within the Compliance Tracking view. You can adjust Consent Status Options, Application Email Options, and Portal Options.
  • IMPROVED Portal Privacy – You will now have a privacy page on your portal ({YOUR_ORG}/privacy) that allows for people to fill out a privacy request form. This form allows people to make GDPR related requests to you. These are tracked in the Compliance Visualization mentioned above.

    In addition, we have added several portal customization settings that allow for easier consent tracking on new candidates.

    • Applicant Email – When a candidate applies via your portal and if you send an email to them, you can include an Opt-Out link. In the language of the opt-out you can include the email address to your Data Privacy Officer.
    • Consent Box on Portal – You can now show a required checkbox with your data policy to applicants applying via the portal. Checking this box provides explicit consent to your policies and are tracked accordingly.
  • IMPROVED Advanced Find Tools – You can now see contacts with/without consent using the advanced find tool for Contacts
And a few more goodies…
As always, this release has a wide array of other improvements based mostly on customer feedback and requests.

  • ADDEDGoogle Jobs Lead Tracking – We’ve added a new contact source to your Crelate to track Google Jobs applications. You’ll now see who has applied to your job from Google Jobs.
  • Improved – Subscription Updates – We’ve made several changes to the way we handle subscription updates to make it a smoother experience for you.
  • FIXEDSearch – We’ve fixed a bug that prevented users from sorting by current position start date.
  • FIXEDJob Board – We now count all activities for a candidate regarding a job even if those activities were made before the candidate was moved to the job.
  • FIXEDChrome Extension – Fixed a bug that prevented users from using autocomplete for the City and Zipcode fields. We’ve also shipped out a new minor version of the Chrome Extension that includes this and several other fixes.
  • ENGINEERING UPDATES – As always, we’ve made a number of engineering improvements throughout the app to increase speed and performance.
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