Connect Crelate Recruiting Software to Over 1,000 Apps with Zapier

Zapier and Crelate Integration

Crelate announces new integration with Zapier, empowering recruiters to automate more of their recruiting workflow and spend more time with candidates.

Kirkland, Wash., August 7, 2019/PR Web/ – Crelate, a leading provider of recruiting software solutions for professional recruiters announces the availability of its native integration with Zapier, an online automation tool that connects Crelate Talent with over 1,300 business apps such as Gmail, Slack and MailChimp.

The integration between the two applications can alleviate repetitive recruiting tasks by automating processes and eliminating unnecessary manual steps.

Zapier functions using Zaps, which perform automations whenever an event, or Trigger, happens in one system and then executes an Action or series of Actions in another. Users can configure the logic and behavior of both Triggers and Actions to create various useful automations.

At launch, Crelate provided customers with ten pre-built Zapier templates to get started. Customers with Crelate Business or higher subscriptions can access these templates within Crelate Talent or via the Crelate Zapier Integration page. Launch templates include:

  • Adding opportunities and jobs to Crelate from Rows on Google Sheets
  • Adding tasks in Crelate when new cards are created in Trello
  • Creating contacts from Crelate as rows in Google Sheets
  • Creating contacts in Constant Contact from new contacts in Crelate
  • Creating contacts in Crelate when new candidates are added to your Engage Talent watchlist
  • Creating Google Tasks from new Crelate contacts
  • Creating new Google contacts from Crelate candidates and clients
  • Posting a new job position to Facebook from Crelate
  • Sending channel messages in Slack when new jobs are added in Crelate
  • Tweeting new job positions from Crelate

The Crelate and Zapier integration was created to connect thousands of business applications and users are not limited to the scenarios and apps listed above.

“Our team developed this integration to make recruiters more productive and it took a lot of time and resources to launch successfully! Through an extensive beta program, we worked with customers and built Triggers and Actions that enabled their most requested scenarios. The benefit to customers is that no complex coding knowledge is required to automate recruiting tasks with Crelate and Zapier.” Said Crelate CPO James Dulin.

For more information about Crelate and Zapier, visit this page.

About Crelate
Crelate Talent is a unified Recruiting CRM and Applicant Tracking Solution that helps recruiters accelerate the hiring process from job opening to candidate placement, while automatically tracking engagement and interactions along the way. Over 1,000 recruiting teams use Crelate to communicate with candidates, collaborate with colleagues, schedule meetings, track applicants, build talent pipelines, and measure recruiting performance. Crelate Talent is designed to scale with solutions for small, mid-sized, and enterprise recruiting agencies. Schedule a demo to learn how Crelate helps recruiters hire more efficiently and effectively.


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