The Advantages of Working with a Third-Party Recruiting/Staffing Agency

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When many companies consider their options for hiring new staff, many avoid recruiting and staffing firms. Maybe they think it is too expensive, or maybe they aren’t sure if they can find the right firm to work with. The truth is, many companies simply don’t know how a recruiting or staffing firm can help them outside of finding a candidate for them-which represents a failure to communicate the value of recruiting and staffing firms.

Here are a few reasons that working with a third party recruiting or staffing firm is the best way to fill vacancies in your team.


Established Relationships

While an internal hiring manager may be able to devote some of their day to searching for candidates, it may not be enough. Third party firms spend all their time engaging with candidates, building their network, and researching hiring trends in their industry.

Rather than advertising a position and waiting for applicants, they have an established talent pipeline full of candidates with the right expertise and experience. When you come to them with a position to fill, they can search through their established relationships to give you a range of candidates.


Ability to Target Strategic Skills

Established networks also give third party recruiters another distinct advantage: the ability to search for candidates with specific skills. While a pool of applications may boast a range of skill levels, you may not be guaranteed the skills you need.

Third party staffing and recruiting firms can hand-pick candidates that possess the crucial skills you want. Rather than settling for the closest candidate to your ideal hire, make sure you get the right person the first time.


Market Expertise

While your company knows its niche and market when it comes to sales and services, you may not know the latest trends in hiring. Third party firms can specialize in recruiting and staffing for a single industry or location. This focus allows them to reach passive candidates that would otherwise ignore a job posting as well as understand the requirements that candidates have.

You get better access to candidates in your industry or area as well as the better negotiating position that comes with the firm’s expertise. Combined, these factors allow you to hire better candidates, quickly.



Hiring can be a serious time commitment. Reviewing resumes, contacting prospective candidates, holding interviews and discussing candidates with other decision-makers can negatively impact your business’s day-to-day operations. Hiring a recruiting or staffing agency can save a lot of time.

Third party firms have already screened their candidates for qualifications and other certifications. When it comes time for you to interview candidates, you meet with a few candidates who may all be suited for the position. There is no need to waste time on candidates who, while they looked good on paper, weren’t the right fit.


At Crelate, we provide the tools that recruiting and staffing agencies need to provide a great candidate experience while providing efficient and accurate placements for their clients. Get in contact with our team today to learn more about our custom CRM and ATS solutions.


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