Happy 10th Birthday to Crelate!

Thanks for a decade of Crelate!

We’ve come a long way since our founding and want share with you our accomplishments and celebrate our employees who made it happen!

From our very first customer to our latest 1.6k milestone, we’ve been on a journey to build the best recruiting and staffing software solution for recruiters like you.

Our team has launched 32 releases with over 1 Million lines of code. We’ve partnered with 87 third-party tools and platforms aimed at solving specific recruiting and staffing challenges. Crelate is now managing over 20 million contacts and candidates as well as 66 million activities and notes.

Crelate Customers Over Time

Our mission

Crelate was founded to help talent-focused businesses build relationships with an increasingly dynamic global workforce. We believe great things happen when people and business come together around a shared interest and mutual benefit. We build software that reflects our shared values of collaboration, transparency and equality to help everyone connect with better opportunities.

Crelate’s mission is to grow lasting prosperity for all through the empowerment of entrepreneurship and employment.

We’re proud to support TeamsCode, Hopelink, Chrysalis, and Folding At Home.

  • TeamsCode spreads computer science education to high school students by organizing online contests where students work on quality competitive programming problems in a team setting.
  • Hopelink is a nonprofit organization working to end poverty in our community. Each year they help more than 64,000 people through programs that provide stability and the skills and knowledge needed to exit poverty.
  • Chrysalis helps people prepare for, find, and keep jobs. Their services are free and available to all.
  • Folding at Home has created the most powerful supercomputer on the planet and is using it to help understand SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and to develop new therapies.

Meet Just a Few of Our Superheroes

What better way to celebrate our 10th year than with a superhero-themed birthday party? Meet the heroes behind our mission to grow lasting prosperity in the workforce through our software and direct collaboration with our customers.

Aaron Elder
Troubleshootero: Stuck on a problem? Need that third option, when “this or that” isn’t enough? Troubleshootero is here to identify the problem, find the solution on time and on budget.

Kyle Kroeger
Saffability: The superhuman ability to achieve satisfaction in all customer requests, summons perfect reviews on the daily.

Ian Remington
The Logistatician: Leverages data to make well-informed decisions to help put people in the right places to succeed.

Amber Roder
Listeility (Listening + Versatility):
The superpower of listening to improve, build trust, and better relationships with coworkers and clients alike.

Melody Spraw
Captain Responsiveness: The ability to respond to customer’s needs at lightning speed.

Lisa Zhou
Ultradaptibility: The ability to keep calm and conduct a running train when the tracks are wobbly.  

Jamey Dulin
Ursus Majoris: Is everyone in violent disagreement? Ursus Majoris is here to calm everyone down, de-escalate, get us on the same page, and have everyone happy moving forward. A warm Teddy Bear hug for all. 😊

Manuel Dejesus
Techno-Necromancy: Able to bring long-dead projects back to life from the void.

Ena Grabovica
Cool as a Cucumber: The ability to remain calm and always find the positive in even the most stressful situations!

Evan Bonfiglio
Problem Decryption: The ability to decrypt and simplify a problem into something manageable and easy to understand, no matter how large or complex.

Colin Parker
Super Insight:
The ability to listen intently to customers and market news, and to make sense of it all at ludicrous speed.

Katie Stiles
Captain Positivity:
Limitless power and capacity to stay positive in the harshest conditions imaginable. Uses her Shield of Positivity to protect the team and defend against negative vibes.

Lindsey Wise
Wisdom Virtuoso: An enlightened maven who uses her power to build rapport and trust with customers lightning fast to help influence wise technology decisions.

Ryan Fonda
Listenisto: The ability to comprehensively listen and work with others to arrive at the best answer in that moment of time.

Pi Chartbanchachai
Odds Beating: The ability to collaborate and deliver new features from very small teams into production against many odds.

Chelsie Pettit
Mystification Pyrokinesis:
The psychic ability to anticipate a fire before it happens and extinguish the blaze with super-natural masterfulness.

Wilson Attebery
Taskmaster: A master of unconventional problem solving for the most unexpected tasks.

Bryant Crone
Emotify: The ability to add emoji’s into anything. 😎✨

Wilson Wong
Approximate Knowledge of Many Things: The ability to generally recognize where in the app or code where most features exist – especially if it’s older.

Erik Pool
Iterates and refines all flaws and defects away, actualizing the most pure, impeccable solution to any problem.

Sarah Gossin
The Flourisher: Can take anything and make it grow and prosper, product ideas, customer connections, roadmaps.

Ann Landis
Affable Accrualty: The power to accurately organize and balance $$$ with a friendly attitude.

Matt Peebles
The Translator: The ability to translate all customer and technical requests to a language everybody understands.

Zana Boskovic
Empathy: Quality of appreciating others, expressing compassion, and sensitivity and demonstrating genuine care for other people’s challenges.

Andrew Hoke
Mobility: The ability to respond quickly to changing conditions and requirements and navigate difficult problem paths.

Jeff Dougherty
Lightning Search: The ability to find answers to questions in any search engine at lightning speed..

Aaron Davidson
Ergokinesis: The ability to read, manipulate, negate, and generate energy.

Cam Heitkemper
The unique ability to conceive and manipulate artistic works through visualization and creating a mental image comprised of elements and patterns.

Jack Solaro
The Investigator: Able to dive deep on a topic, conducting extensive research to reveal data and trends.

Joseph Garrett
Spongification: The ability to absorb and retain information gathered from the many knowledgeable minds around me.

Thanks for a great 10 years!

We look forward to the next 10 with you!
– The Crelate Team

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