Candidate Sourcing

The tools you need to be successful when attracting, sourcing, and engaging top talent for your recruiting pipeline.  

company portal

Company Portal

Passively generate leads through your own website with Crelate’s company portal.
  • Customizable job portal includes your logo, branding, and custom styles
  • Add prescreening questions for each job position
  • Gather EEOC data and referral information

Your company portal is embeddable on your site and is an additional way Crelate provides passive lead generation.

Advanced Boolean Search

Crelate comes with blazing fast full-text and relational search capabilities. Build simple or complex Boolean queries, search by tag, proximity across 10’s of thousands of records in fractions of a second.
  • Backed by Enterprise-class search tools
  • Search across all records and documents at once
  • Save search criteria for future use, results update in real time
  • Easily take action on results, add them to jobs, static lists, emails and more

Unlock the full power of your database. You’ll never lose a potential placement because you weren’t able to find them in your ATS.

search form

Resume Library

Source candidates resumes and find new leads with Crelate’s resume library integration

  • Extends Crelate’s search functionality to include tens of thousands of resumes
  • Easily generate new leads without ever leaving Crelate
  • Import new candidates directly into your pipeline
mobile client

Mobile Ready

Check on your contacts and candidates even when away from your desk. Crelate Talent provides iPhone and iPad apps for all standard and higher users.
  • View candidates details including resumes
  • Call your contacts straight from the iPhone app and log the call
  • Track notes about your candidates

Chrome Extension

One click sourcing

  • Potential candidate profile parse, import candidates directly into your database
  • Add tags and other custom information about candidate before importing.

Easily incorporate newly found candidates into your pipeline with a simple click.

chrome extension

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