Applicant Tracking

Job Dashboard

Visualize your applicants with colorful tiles you can simply drag and drop through your hiring workflow. It works as easy as sticky-notes on a whiteboard!
  • View the board as large or small tiles, or as a list.
  • Group and sort your jobs by name, status or company.
  • Customize the board based on how you work your candidate pipeline.

Job Tiles give you relevant, at-a-glance data about your jobs and offer a quick way to view all associated activity, calendar appointments and referral sources.

Customizable job workflows and pipelines

Drag and Drop

Easy and Intuitive. Work’s exactly the way you want.
  • Contacts are immediately updated so that placement progress is always current.
  • Select one contact or many to move through your pipeline.
  • Customize the board based on how you work your candidate pipeline.

Drag and drop allows you to easily manage complex pipelines at the click of your mouse.

drag and drop gif
detailed candidate profile

Detailed Candidate Profile

Deep dive into candidate profiles and get the information you need immediately. With over 75 standard and 30 customizable fields, your candidate profiles have exactly the information you want, where you want it.

  • Add resumes, interview notes, and other support documents.
  • Email candidate directly from profile.
  • Notes and activities are continually updated as your candidate moves through your workflow.

Candidate profiles are rich, informative, and deeply customizable. Have all the information you need to get that placement.

Visualization Filters

Visualizations help you visually sort the current status of your pipeline so you can gain immediate insight.
  • Set up to 20 different colors based on data about your candidates
  • Tiles can be set to fade out if certain conditions are met
  • In addition to base colors, a gradient can be set to futher fine tune your visualizations

Visualizations give you immediate actionable insight so that you can be as efficient as possible.

visualization filters
Customizable activity tracking

Activity Stream

Crelate makes it simple to track all your interactions with contacts. It takes only a few clicks to track a conversation you had with someone.
  • Quickly view job, contact and company activity.
  • Customize existing activity types, or add your own.
  • Schedule future activities and follow-up reminders.
  • Pin important notes to the top of the contact to improve visibility.
  • Mention another record in your notes to link the two.
  • Need to change a Phone Screen to an Interview? No problem!

Create and Assign Tasks

Crelate Tasks ensures nothing gets by your team
  • Assigns tasks to yourself, to colleagues, or globally
  • Get reminders in the app before tasks are due
  • Tasks are saved to candidate profiles, so that everybody stays up to date

Tasks are the sure way to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

create and assign tasks
Advanced Boolean search

Advanced Boolean Search

Crelate comes with blazing fast full-text and relational search capabilities. Build simple or complex Boolean queries, search by tag, proximity across 10’s of thousands of records in fractions of a second.
  • Backed by Enterprise-class search tools
  • Search across all records and documents at once
  • Save search criteria for future use, results update in real time
  • Easily take action on results, add them to jobs, static lists, emails and more

Email Integration

Crelate loves email! Without the need for addins or extra applications you can add contacts, parse resumes and vCards, and track your conversations all within the system.
  • Use your favorite email provider to message candidates
  • Send meeting invitations and sync your calendar
  • Manage your email just the way you like without losing any functionality
  • Send bulk emails, create templates, and so much more…
Email integrations

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