Applicant Tracking

Accelerate your entire recruiting process from job opening to candidate placement and everything in between. 

What Do the Best Applicant Tracking Systems Do? 

The best applicant tracking system will

  • Manage entire applicant life cycles
  • Automate administrative recruiting tasks
  • Track engagement and correspondence 
  • Have a secure database hosting your data 

Recruiters are busy building relationships with people,
not tracking applicants.

Because a machine is busy tracking applicants. That machine is Crelate Talent.

Customizable job workflows and pipelines

How Does an ATS Organize Recruiting Data?

Crelate can be organized and customized to fit your recruiting workflow. Everything in Crelate is searchable with Boolean functionality, meaning you can combine search terms using quotes, AND, NOT, and OR.  

  • Tags: Tag applicants with skills, experience, source, or any other information that can be surfaced when searching
  • Activities: Track recruiting activities made for a candidate, job, opportunity, client and more
  • Notes: Need to make a quick note on a candidate, like they’re currently open to new opportunities, this is the place for that!
  • Tasks: Organize your duties or collaborate with colleagues using Crelate tasks
detailed candidate profile

Drag and drop applicants through your recruiting workflow

Crelate Talent can be customized to track applicants for any hiring process.

drag and drop gif

The Best ATS Grows With You

When you grow, Crelate grows with you. We’re building the best ATS in the recruiting industry by focusing on: 

  • Being flexible; from product customization to pricing options
  • Investing in innovation and new functionality regularly 
  • Addressing customer suggestions and needs promptly
visualization filters

Applicant Data with Visualization Filters

Get a quick understanding of your applicant data with Crelate’s visual dashboard and UI.

  • Set up to 20 different colors based on applicant and job data
  • Add gradients and tags to organize and track your applicants
  • Configure Crelate to automatically move applicant to different stages of your recruiting workflow when certain conditions are met 

Applicant Activity Stream

Crelate makes it simple to track all your interactions with applicants, hiring managers, and anyone else in your ATS.

  • Quickly view job, contact and company activity
  • Organize your data and activity 
  • Schedule activities and follow-up reminders
  • Pin important notes to the top
  • Mention another record in your notes to link the two or collaborate with a colleague
  • Change a phone screen into an interview with a few clicks
Customizable activity tracking
create and assign tasks

Create and Assign Tasks

Some tasks are repeated for every applicant. Crelate Talent manages repetitive tasks with a recruiting workflow. When new applicant information enters the system, based on their data, Crelate Talent stores all the supporting information where it belongs in your recruiting workflow. And it’s all configurable.

  • Assign tasks to yourself, to colleagues, or across the company
  • Get reminders in the app before tasks are due
  • Tasks are saved to applicant profiles so that everybody stays updated

Advanced Boolean Search

Crelate comes with blazing fast full-text and relational search capabilities. Build simple or complex Boolean queries, search by tag, proximity across 10’s of thousands of records in fractions of a second.

  • Backed by Enterprise-class search tools
  • Search across all records and documents at once
  • Save search criteria for future use, results update in real time
  • Easily take action on results, add them to jobs, static lists, emails and more
Advanced Boolean search
Email integrations

Applicant Tracking from Your Email

Connect Crelate Talent to your favorite email provider whether it’s gmail, Outlook or something else!

  • Parse resumes and contacts to quickly add applicants to your system
  • Send bulk emails, create templates, and schedule email campaigns
  • View open rates and clicks on your emails
  • Send meeting invitations and sync your calendar

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