Corporate Recruiting Software

Quality tools for internal recruitment and talent acquisition.

Job Board Integrations

Source quality talent

Get your jobs out there and in front of potential hires.

First, publish your jobs to your company’s website using our Candidate Portal. Select your own colors, logo, layout and custom styles to portray your employment brand.

Next, get your jobs published with automated syndication to free job boards. Or give your jobs a boost and sponsor them at discounted rates by making use of your CareerBuilder or Dice subscriptions (with built-in integration).

Candidates can apply directly to your job via tools like Indeed Apply, emailing their resume to a job specific inbox or by filling out an application on your Candidate Portal. You can even customize what questions they have to fill out.

Track engagement with candidates

Configure your hiring process to work the way you do.

Visualize your applicants with colorful tiles. Simply drag and drop the tiles through your hiring workflow. It works as easy as sticky-notes on a whiteboard!

View the board the way you want. Small or large tiles, or as a list and with different grouping and sorting! See the latest status instantly using the activity stream. You can easily see what is going on at a glance. Customize the board based on how you work your candidate pipeline.

You can even use your candidate pipeline to automatically send emails, manage supporting documents, and track other ad-hoc tasks.

Customizable job workflows
Hiring managers and interviewers

Interview and meet with people while Crelate stores your notes and interactions

Engage hiring managers + interviews and gather feedback.

Get your hiring process out of email. With our feedback gathering system, observations are tracked and all in one place. The process is simple and doesn’t impose a lot of complexity on your interviewers.

Hiring managers and interviewers are able to view only the jobs and candidates and details that are relevant to them.

Hire the best talent

Review feedback and make decisions.

You found the ideal candidate, interview feedback looks good and and they look like a great fit. Now use the workflow to kick off or manage your onboarding process. Collect the appropriate documents, automatically email your onboarding or HR team, and get that candidate started.

Document storage with document types

Plus all the features professional recruiting agencies and boutique staffing firms need.



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