What is MPC’ing? How merchandizing your talent can increase sales in your staffing firm

MPC’ing, or actively promoting your Most Placeable Candidates, is the #1 sales tool your team should have in their arsenal. This proactive technique of selling goes beyond the transactional approach of, “need a guy? I’ve got a guy” so that it’s not just a great way to open doors for new business. It can become the foundation of great, lasting relationships with your clients. 

What is MPC'ing and how does it apply to my business?

An MPC is your most placeable candidate. Your “A+” player.  This candidate has the exact right experience and every applicable certification. This is the type of candidate that all your clients wish they could employ – the crème de la crème of your industry. MPC’ing is the process of using this candidate to attract new and re-engage existing clients. 

For those who aren’t familiar, MPC’ing is a page out of the executive search playbook. If you run a staffing organization, you might be thinking, “this technique isn’t applicable to me because my sector of the talent industry is different.” But, that’s just not true. 

Getting past its origins, MPC’ing is one of the most effective and proven strategies of generating new revenue for any talent business – including yours.

But this isn’t as obvious as it looks. As amazing as they are, the goal of MPC’ing isn’t to place that candidate with the prospective client on that given day.

When you take this candidate to market, it is the ultimate show-and-tell of the type of talent your firm represents.

Think of this approach as a conversation starter. As a jumping off point. And, when your client tells you, “I’m sorry, that’s not the talent we’re looking for right now.” Your response is, “Well, what type of talent are you looking for?” And then just be silent. 

This is the part of MPC’ing where you let your client tell you exactly what they do need. Maybe the MPC you presented was over-qualified. Maybe they were out of budget. Whatever the objection is, just be ready to listen so you can truly understand their needs. 

What does your team do with an MPC?

It probably goes without saying but using an MPC as a selling technique can’t just be the end of that MPC’s journey. You’ve got this great talent. You are close to the money. Don’t lose sight of placing them in a fabulous new role. What process or plan does your company have in place for what to do with this MPC now that you have her? 

Don’t lose track of your MPC by not keeping good notes in your system. Better still, build out an MPC workflow and get them in there immediately. Just because the clients your team is pitching MPCs to aren’t ready to hire that exact talent doesn’t mean it’s time to file this candidate away. Be sure you have a written process established so your team knows what to do for these candidates. 

How can MPC'ing increase my sales?

Great question, glad you asked. As we covered above, this type of selling allows you to get a deeper understanding of what your clients are looking for. It actively encourages them to open up. If you’re asking the right questions, you can even probe into their pain points to get a full picture of what’s going on within their business. You’ll be able to hear firsthand their struggles and weaknesses, and start down the path of building a trusting relationship. 

This type of relationship frequently turns prospects into clients, and clients into key accounts. Even if they don’t sign today. Because you’re developing this relationship now, you’ll be top of mind when they do need something – whether that’s next week or next quarter. 

MPC’ing keeps you closest to the money because it is all about showing how you can help your customer. Industry leaders are calling this the single most important business development strategy of the next 5 years. Yup – FIVE YEARS. 

What this means for your firm: if you aren’t actively using your Most Placeable Candidates to attract and retain clients, you’re missing out on sales revenue. 

Even in verticals or roles where your customers may be more concerned with the right headcount over extremely strong qualifications, this approach builds trust and respect for the type of talent you’ll bring to them for every role. This approach shows your customers that when they come to you, you’ll be providing qualified, quality candidates that can get the job done. You show the value your firm provides, making you a trusted ally in your client’s staffing (or direct placement) needs. 

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