Crelate Uptime Report – Q1 – 2016

It’s been far too long since we have provided an update on our service uptime.  Before I get into the numbers, let’s talk about what uptime is and how we maximize it.  Our uptime track record has been very good and consistently beat the common industry goal of 99.95%.  To give readers some background, let’s start with what uptime is and how it affects our users. Wikipedia defines uptime as a measure of time that a computer is workable and available.  For us, this means that Crelate is both running and available to our users. We measure this by a series of 3rd party monitors that work both inside and outside our network to determine if things are running smoothly internally and if they are available externally to users.

Now let’s get to the numbers:

Crelate Uptime Status Q1-2016

The numbers pretty much speak for themselves.  Providing a little more detail, over the last 12 months, we have maintained a consistent level of service above +99.989% uptime on a monthly basis and +99.999% on an annualized basis. That is less than 5.26 minutes unscheduled downtime over the last twelve months; in our case neither event affected all users and one event only lasted 30 seconds.  Pretty darn good!

To be clear, 100% uptime is incredibly hard to achieve, even Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, GoDaddy and others do not claim or achieve this goal.  It’s hard.  What is important is how downtime is reported, minimized and handled.  It takes company-wide dedication, excellent technical resources and a lot of cost and care to maintain business critical applications such as ours. So, what does this all mean for our customers?  Put simple – it means Crelate is both highly available and transparent about our statistics. We take uptime very seriously and strive every day to achieve 100% availability and we intend to report our results every quarter both good and bad.

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