Office Culture Often Correlates With Productivity

Brittanie Sanders Talks Office Culture & Productivity

I’ve always been a passionate and driven individual with a strong work ethic, but I didn’t realize I had been running on autopilot until I began working at Crelate Inc., in Bethesda, MD. The unique office culture was refreshing and provided opportunities for me to share ideas with my coworkers and receive valuable mentorship from my experienced superiors. Crelate is a modern company that values their employees and appreciates the ideas and opinions of their staff. The office culture affects not only how managers oversee staff but also how I provide services to my clients. Below are four ways in which Crelate has enhanced my productivity and effectiveness in my role.

Psychological Motivation – Management Style

Crelate has created an environment that allows employees to develop their entrepreneurial traits and ultimately enhances productivity. Employees are granted the autonomy to question the status quo and suggest ways in which Crelate can be more efficient. Managers lead by example – they think and behave in such a way that sets a climate and culture for success. Early on, I experienced my boss’s empathetic nature and genuine interest in my happiness and satisfaction at work. All of my bosses encourage expansive thinking. Constantly working alongside of my team to define issues, locate available resources, strategize solutions and then empower us to solve big issues with creative ideas. They seamlessly mix creativity into our everyday procedures; making the team feel comfortable engaging in productive and targeted brainstorming sessions, allowing us to add value to the company. If a poor decision is made, managers at Crelate speak with employees in a compassionate way, directly addressing the issue while remaining supportive and allowing us to learn from our mistakes.

Autonomy and Trust in Employees

Many companies believe that employees are inherently lazy and need to be micromanaged. I am fortunate to work in a company that affords employees the opportunity and environment to excel. It is an environment that encourages employees to take risks and initiative. I am more inclined to address a potential issue when I know that there is not a threat of punishment of termination if I make a mistake. The autonomy that employees are awarded gives me the opportunity to not be confined to a job description and to demonstrate my full skill set and ability to contribute to the organization in many areas. The trust and faith that my superiors have in me and my quality of work empowers me to take chances and improve our product in any way I see opportunity. Crelate’s atmosphere gives me personal satisfaction and enhances my personal growth. With this healthy professional environment, I am excited to come to work and perform every day.

Organizational Communication

A high level of cooperation and communication exists across the various divisions of Crelate. They are constantly giving feedback and encouraging their employees to challenge themselves. The free flow of information for decision making throughout the organization allows for positive outcomes. Expression of honest commentary and concerns is expected and at times required. We all values each other’s’ opinion and work together to achieve the highest levels of team performance. Crelate’s constant push towards a collaborative environment creates loyalty and trust between employees and the company. I had never worked in an organization where I was constantly being asked how are you, how happy are you at this company, What can do to improve, and are there any issues you would like us to address? The safe and open environment at Crelate supports an open flow of communication that is honest and all ideas are valued.

Free Food & Coffee

Everyone knows it’s hard to work on an empty stomach. Crelate has mastered the art of keeping their employees fed and happy. Working in the Bethesda, MD office comes with key perks: unlimited french vanilla cappuccinos and a fully stocked kitchen. I can spend longer hours at my desk and don’t get distracted by my growling tummy when i have fresh trail mix and popcorn to snack on through the day. It seems to me that Crelate has found the key to success.


My positive experience at Crelate has contributed to my increased productivity and has made me fiercely loyal to the company and its goals. Their inclusive, humble and encouraging leadership style creates a vibrant workplace filled with enjoyable energy and devoted employees.  I don’t find myself running out of the office when my 8 hours are up. Rather, more often than not, I tend to stay in the office and extend my hours, wanting to do more and contribute to the company’s success. I see my bosses as fierce yet charismatic leaders that encourage me to reach my fullest potential and inspire me to achieve my own personal and professional goals. I find myself trusting my superiors and their decisions; truly believing they have the best interest for the company, our clients and even myself. Crelate has developed a positive and thriving environment where I feel safe and empowered – allowing my performance and productivity to flourish.

About the Author

Crelate Sales EmployeeBrittanie Sanders is a Customer Success Specialist & Account Manager at Crelate, Inc in Bethesda, Maryland. She has a business degree from Drexel University and has also worked as a poll worker for the Election Assistance Commission in Philadelphia, PA.

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