Guiding Principles

We believe that every employee, regardless of their level or role, is an Entrepreneur.

What makes us entrepreneurs?

Get to Done!

We have a bias towards action. We value speed coupled with execution by accelerating ideas to constantly improve the company and ourselves as individuals. Blending speed with thoughtful data driven decisions help all of us to separate ourselves from the competition. We are never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly driving to deliver tangible results.

Own it. Act Like an Owner!

We are all owners at Crelate. This means taking responsibility to get things done and owning the outcomes, good or bad. We act with urgency. Taking accountability for failure and failing forward fast drives respect and trust within the business. By thinking in the owner’s mentality, you’re resourceful and use both time and currency as if they were your own.

Forever, Customer Obsessed.

We are passionate about our customers and work hard to earn and maintain their trust. From the top down we look to understand our industry trends to better serve and empower our customer base. Our actions, roadmap, and day-to-day engagements have them in the forefront of our minds as we seek to build consultative not transactional relationships whenever possible. We work relentlessly to be the experts, so we can serve our customers in the way that is best for their business. 

Always Improving.

We are always learning and have a relentless passion for self-improvement. Our growth mindset helps us raise the bar for ourselves and challenge those around us. We value people who are curious and seek opportunities to act and explore new possibilities.

Succeed Together.

We are better when we achieve as a team. We seek to be transparent, open, and honest, and share information across teams for the betterment of those around us. We actively listen, respect varying ideas and viewpoints, and challenge each other so that the entire organization can grow and improve.

Trusted. Believe in each other.

Each of us have the opportunity to build and shape our own career paths at Crelate. Earned through consistency, hard work, and collaboration, we all have the trust and autonomy needed to accomplish great things. We are all empowered to make the right decisions and feel confident in bringing up ideas and solutions to drive the company forward. You’re here for a reason, we believe in you.

A collage of photos featuring people wearing beanie hats as a part of Crelate's branding campaign.

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