Guiding Principles

We believe that every employee, regardless of their level or role, is an Entrepreneur.

What makes us entrepreneurs?

We get it done.

We are builders. We have a bias toward action. We understand that perfect is the enemy of done and balance short term wins with long term goals. We overcome obstacles, we find solutions, and we deliver great enough results with the right balance of scope, quality, and timeliness. While we get it done, we are never done.

We own it.

We are self-motivated and driven. We are all expected to drive growth for ourselves, our customers and our Company. We visibly own the outcomes and consequences of our actions and decisions, good and bad. We empower others to do the same. We accept personal accountability for our work and drive projects to completion. As individuals, we are the reason things get done.

We’re resourceful.

Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and invention. Self-sufficiency ensures optionality. We accomplish more with less. We use Company resources like they are our own. We are frugal and scrappy. We simplify and take an iterative approach to innovation, situations, and challenges. Iteration allows for fast, efficient failure, quick recovery and leaning into what works.

We’re always customer-centric.

We make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our customers. We empathize with our customers. We start with the Customer and work backwards. We relentlessly focus on their success and represent their needs accurately and fairly to create the best possible value. We work to earn their trust by delivering beyond their expectations.

We collaborate.

We build better when we work together. We invest time to help others succeed and to hear their opinions. We reach across teams to achieve better outcomes. We are open about our shortcomings and look to bridge them with the help of others. We visibly celebrate success by valuing and recognizing each contribution.

We earn trust.

Trust is built over time, by how others perceive our actions. Trust is earned when we live up to our commitments. Trust is generated when we demonstrate our Guiding Principles. We are trusted because we take a fair and measured approach to decision making. We listen before we react, we speak candidly, we seek diverse opinions, we work to disconfirm our beliefs and we treat others with respect. We respectfully challenge decisions when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting; however, once a decision is made, we commit fully.

We never stop improving.

We measure ourselves against the best. We are always growing. We learn quickly from our failures and our successes. We have a relentless passion for self-improvement and we are always looking for new challenges we can tackle next. We have a growth mindset and love to learn. We set and raise the bar for ourselves and our peers. We hire, develop, and promote the best.

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