Crelate and StaffUpApp Integration

Staffupapp logo on a black background featuring recruiting integrations.

StaffUpApp is a powerful mobile staffing platform that is designed to optimize the candidate experience from initial contact, to placement and beyond without them ever having to leave your app - while improving all the metrics that matter to your business - Mobilelutionize™ staffing.

A Seamless Extension Of Your Brand

Candidates and clients have powerful tools to simplify each step of the candidate journey

  • One-Click Apply
  • One-Click Referrals
  • Texting
  • Push Notifications
  • Next-Gen Onboarding
  • Shift-Scheduling
  • Mobile Timesheets
  • Career Resources
  • and more!

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Want more info?

Book a demo today for a guided tour to learn more about how to leverage texting in your recruiting process with Crelate and Ringcentral.

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