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Screen candidates quickly and effectively with Spark Hire and Crelate.

By leveraging the Spark Hire video interviewing integration, you’ll be empowered to do the following directly from the candidate record in Crelate:

  • Invite candidates to record video response to custom interview questions
  • Review interview requests and submissions
  • Share candidate interviews with clients

With Crelate and Spark Hire you are able to remove the wasted time of the back and forth of trying to schedule an interview. Instead, the candidate films their answers to the interview questions at their pace and sends submits them when they are completed. Eliminating the nerves from the interview and allowing the candidate that you know, to be showcased how you see them- as the best option for the job.

The ability to share video files, lets you get feedback quickly- regardless of time zones. As you understand more of what the hiring authority is looking for, you can provide the candidate that they want. Increasing your close rate, while lowering your time to close.

Use this link for more detailed information on how to set up your Spark Hire integration in Crelate.

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