Crelations Integrations - SeekOut

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Take Crelate to the next level with an AI-Powered Talent Search Engine

SeekOut builds innovative tools that make recruiters and sourcers more efficient, more effective, and more successful.

SeekOut’s comprehensive database of whole person profiles, intuitive AI search, and personalized messaging gives companies the ability to find and engage professionals in tech, non-tech, engineering, life sciences and other disciplines.

Easily fill the top of your funnel with qualified, diverse, candidates while simultaneously learning about the diverse talent market with SeekOut’s People Insights. SeekOut is founded by top executives and engineers from Microsoft and is used today at major enterprises across multiple industries.

SeekOut was conceived after feeling the distinct pain of trying to hire passive candidates in a competitive market. The SeekOut team’s background working in search, messaging, machine learning/AI and natural language processing gives a unique perspective in the space. SeekOut was built for sourcers, not to replace them, and we’re confident you’ll find it the most recruiter-friendly tool on the market.

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