Crelate Integrations - Resume-Library

Use Crelate to post your jobs directly to Resume-Library with a click.

Resume-Library is America’s fastest growing job site. The company matches thousands of candidates to their dream jobs and help companies source their perfect hires. 

Resume-Library is a true performance-based job board. Enjoy custom hiring products and access to up to 10,000 new resume registrations daily, with no subscriptions or user licenses. 

Search and view millions of resumes and only pay for the ones you unlock. Their resumes are sourced from a network of alliances and over 500,000 new candidates register every month; fresh talent you won’t find anywhere else! 

Looking to hire? Companies can register with Resume-Library to search and view millions of resumes from every sector nationwide. Post a job with Resume-Library and they will share it across 100+ specialist sites in their unrivaled network at no extra cost. Our innovative Pay for Performance model allows you to control your budget and hiring timeframe to deliver a campaign that meets your requirements.  

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