Crelate Integrations - Jobinventory

A white background featuring a job inventory logo and recruiting integrations components.

Use Crelate to post your jobs directly to Jobinventory with a click.

Jobinventory is a search engine that gives job seekers the quickest access to the largest selection of jobs from the widest variety of sources on the Internet without the influence of paid advertising. 

All jobs in the Jobinventory index are provided as part of their unique Contributor Program. This ensures that every job in their search results is from an employer, recruiter or job board that truly wants to hear from job seekers. While most other sites have advertising programs that prioritize results based on the highest bidder, the results served to the job seeker on Jobinventory are 100% organic, based on their search.  

Jobinventory accepts jobs from all sources: employers, job boards, classified sites. Many sites prefer one type of job over another depending on where it originates – vastly limiting the job seeker’s choices. Jobinventory includes all jobs leaving the selection process up to the job seeker. 

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