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Talent Attraction Made Easy

HireEZ is the candidate search and data engine for all your sourcing and recruiting efforts. Integrate with your tech stack for a complete top-of-the-funnel solution — source across 750M+ profiles, engage with personalized campaigns, and rediscover lost profiles in your ATS. 

Launched in 2015, hireEZ is a pioneer of AI-driven talent sourcing. By turning the open web into a recruiting platform that is continuously enriched with fresh data, hireEZ helps businesses cut their sourcing time by as much as 80%. Through integrations with more than 90% of ATS providers in American and European markets, hireEZ is a candidate search and data engine that helps businesses make the most informed hiring decisions while shortening the hiring cycle and driving talent acquisition costs down. 

HireEZ’s AI Sourcing is a top recruiting solution to help modern recruiters succeed today. Pull candidate data from 45+ platforms from the open web and your internal database to give you the single largest talent pool. With hireEZ, you have access to 750M+ profiles, so you no longer have to worry about not finding the right candidate for your open job req. 

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