Crelate and CallMantra Integration

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Communication with Crelate’s CallMantra Integration.

Modern cloud phone system built for recruitment teams.

With Call Mantra:

  • Call 60-80 candidates an hour, easily
  • Choose the candidates’ contacts, add them to a campaign and hit the start button–the dialer automatically calls one candidate after another
  • Leave an automated and personalized voicemail and text when you encounter an answering machine
  • Reach candidates faster with text messaging
  • Text 1:1 or send personalized text messages to candidates from the CallMantra or Crelate app
  • All your activities logged in real time

CallMantra and Crelate integration allows you to automatically logs all your calls, text, notes, recordings and notes in your Crelate account, track everything in one place, and see how your recruiters are performing. View stats such as calls made, texts sent, call duration, voicemails left, missed calls, and more.

Call and text candidates directly from job boards such as Dice, Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and many more with CallMantra’s Chrome extension.

CallMantra monitors your recruiters’ numbers daily across major carriers and call blocking apps and notifies you If their numbers are flagged as scam or spam likely.

Recruit and stay in the loop no matter where you are. Make, receive and route calls, send text messages, access call logs and summaries, and more.

Want more info?

Book a demo today for a guided tour to learn more about how to leverage texting in your recruiting process with Crelate and CallMantra.

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