Crelate Integration Partners

Take your Recruiting CRM tools to the next level with Outplay and Crelate  

Tired of not being able to find an outreach tool that was easy to use and easy to setup, Laxman Papineni started Outplay, a multichannel outreach platform designed to be used by anyone at any time. 

Now, bring the simplicity of Outplay and Crelate to your recruiting workflow. With Outplay, your email, phone calls, and text messages work as one, letting you connect with prospects and candidates on their terms and preferred channels. All while maintaining a single seamless chronological history of the conversation in both Outplay and Crelate.  

Stop losing time trying to manually execute every nurture cycle. Especially those that can be standardized and scaled. Automate the mundane, and actively personalize or engage in the touches where a human touch is needed. 

Fill your pipeline, book meetings, and update job stages without having to lift a finger 

Not sure if you want to try this on your own? Outplay and Crelate are here to support you every step of the way. Talk to a specialist to see how Outplay and Crelate can boost your productivity, save you time, and free your team to focus on building the relationships that drive your business. 

Outplay + Crelate integration step by step guide 

Prefer to read the easy to follow step-by-step instructions? Visit the Crelate Support article on integrating Outplay and Crelate or learn more on