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Reduce time to onboard candidates using Crelate’s E-Verify integration.
Crelate E-Verify integration
Crelate’s E-Verify integration allows administrators to create and monitor E-Verify cases on platform
e-verify employee information screen

Avoid managing data on multiple platforms

Don’t make recruiters waste time having to enter data on multiple platforms.
Crelate’s E-Verify Integration allows our team to enter data and create an E-Verify case directly on the platform.
System mirrors E-Verify system to maintain compliance and accuracy.

Quickly check all pending cases

Crelate’s integration allows for the rapid review of all pending cases so users don’t have to go to multiple records or platforms to check to see if employees can be assigned.
pending cases screenshot

Store sensitive documents

With designated documents types, store sensitive information on Crelate’s platform and restrict viewing rights to need to access team members.

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