3 Ways to Knock Your First Day on the New Job Out of the Park

First Day Candidates

It’s your first day at the new job. Here are 3 ways to make a good lasting impression when you’re the new employee.

Regardless of where you’re at in your career – whether you’re going into your first senior position, taking on a new role with a different company, switching fields completely, or if it’s your first job ever – tackling your first day is a complex process for anyone.

Here are a few tips to get you started on the right path in your new job. 

1. Take Control of Making a Good First Impression

Making a good first impression doesn’t happen by accident – it happens through preparation. Being prepared requires that you have your outfit pressed and laid out the night before, mapping out how long the commute will be during the morning rush hour to ensure you arrive on time, and walking in with a positive attitude ready to introduce yourself to everyone you meet.

When it comes to meeting people, developing a 30-second elevator pitch will help you sound organized and demonstrate that you’re a person with directive. Most people use a longer form of an elevator pitch during their interview. It’s ok to use the same one again, but maybe think up a few more personal ideas to add to the pitch. Also, be prepared to describe what you’ll be doing in the new position as some people you bump into will only have a vague idea of what you’ll be doing.

2. Create a Foundation for Leadership

Every company can use more leaders.  A leader is someone that comes in early and stays late, helps others when they look swamped, and ensures that all projects are 100% completed and thoughtfully looked over before being checked off the list. Leaders come ready to hit the ground running, and confidence goes a long way in letting people know you’re someone they can trust.

Teamwork is one of the building blocks to leadership. People are more likely to engage with you if you are:

  • Open to new ideas
  • Respectful of others
  • Accepting of others as they are
  • Avoid territorialism
  • Play a positive role within team meetings

One of the ways to show your coworkers you’re a team player on day one is to figure out answers on your own. It’s your first day – you’re going to have tons of questions. Instead of asking all of them immediately as they pop into your head, try problem-solving yourself. Use what you’ve learned already and do some exploration on your own to see if you can figure it out. Your coworkers will be impressed you’ve tried already, and they’ll appreciate a self-driven individual that doesn’t need to be babysat.

3. Relax and Smile

Regardless of the pressures of the day, try to remember to be yourself. You were hired for a reason, so there is nothing to fear. With the right preparation and mindset your first day will go smoothly. Put a smile on your face and make your first day a memorable one.

Try to continue to build relationships with the people you met during the interview process. This not only will allow you to get to know someone a little better but will also act as a bit of a breather for you to relax and smile.

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