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Krauthamer & Associates
We have been extremely happy since moving to Crelate – they have amazing support, they are eager to listen to us, and they add new functionality all the time.
Greg Moser - Krauthamer & Associates
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Crelate is Talent Relationship Management

As a recruiter, you know the best way to find great talent is to build and maintain lasting relationships. Crelate is filled with tools to help you keep in touch, remind you when you should reach out, and jog your memory. Talent relationship management has never been easier.

Paired with Simple and
Flexible Applicant Tracking

Crelate provides everything you’d expect from an ATS. It's easy and fast to keep records up to date, search everything in your database, and connect from anywhere. It's all wrapped up with plenty of configuration options. Crelate is as simple or sophisticated as you want.

Delivered with
White-Glove Service

Software is only as good as the service that comes with it. We pride ourselves on the high quality onboarding, training, and support services we make available to every customer. Work with us and see what Software-as-a-Service should be.
Modern Talent Tracking
We design every aspect of Crelate to be fast and intiutive. That way you can spend your time finding that perfect candidate.
The Crelate Team
Talent Relationship Management Explained

Find Candidates Fast

Mine your database with ease using powerful full text searching features and data rich relational searches, which allow you to search everything – resumes, notes, activities, history – you name it. Post to job boards, integrate our job portal with your website, and automatically add candidates to searches when they apply.

Stay Connected

The more you remember, the more you can do with your network. Use notes, activities, and tags to keep a relationship history. Use mentions to tie your contacts together. Use reminders and tasks so you don’t forget a thing.

Keep Your Team Running Smoothly

You can use Crelate’s powerful workflow features to manage as simple or complex a process as you need. We'll help you set it up, and teach you how to change it in the future, so you can work through searches quickly and keep the whole team on the same page.

Do it All From Anywhere

Crelate is in the cloud, so you can use it from any computer (including your iPad), anywhere. Our iPhone client is designed to do exactly what you’d need from your phone so you can rely on Crelate wherever you are.

Krauthamer & Associates
We ran a custom system for 10 years. Until Crelate, we couldn't find a product that could manage the deep relationships our customers expect us to bring to their search. Crelate captures the quality and is much faster than our old database.
Todd Dorfman - Krauthamer & Associates

Why Do Customers Love Us?

Hint: the feeling is mutual!

We're there to make sure things start off right. All of our subscription plans come with free support, so you can always count on connecting with a real-live person when you need to. Plus, we'll call you - to see how it’s going, to help you make changes to your system, to show you how to do things you might not have known we could do, and to see how we can make Crelate even better.

It's easy to get started. All subscriptions include:
  • Unlimited support
  • Free onboarding and user training
  • Free or heavily discounted data migrations

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  Crelate™ Talent provides simple, flexible and beautiful talent relationship tracking and management, for executive recruiters, boutique staffing firms and internal recruiters. 
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