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Reach your candidates faster with Crelate and Rectxt


Reach your candidates faster to fill more roles — and beat your competition.


Quickly broadcast new job orders with personalized group text campaigns.


Conveniently text candidates on-the-go with the Rectxt mobile app.


Automatically save text conversations to Crelate candidate profiles in real-time.

Increase your efficiency

Text messaging ensures more of your candidates will see the message, and respond faster, than via email. Letting you get your candidate in front of the hiring authority faster.

Send a text from within Crelate, using the Rectxt Chrome extension, or their handy Mobile app. All three will be journaled in Crelate.

The Rectxt Chrome extension finds the numbers on the page and highlights them for you, making it faster and easier to text.

Share information about an opportunity and build up a candidate pool for a job with a bulk text to a select pool of candidates.

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Screen shot, screen, email address.

Keep texting safe & compliant.

Keep your personal number personal, and reach out to candidates from numbers within their area code.

Easy opt-out keeps you and your recruiting team compliant with important regulation.

Want more info?

Book a demo today for a guided tour to learn more about how to leverage texting in your recruiting process with Crelate and Rectxt.

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