Crelate for

Corporate Recruiters

Sourcing, Tracking, and Candidate Management: All in One.

Everything you need to place the best talent. Marketing jobs, screening resumes, and managing job descriptions are easier with Crelate.

Source outstanding talent.

Get your jobs seen by applicants and potential hires.

Publish jobs automatically to free job boards and subscription sites with our built-in integrations.

Candidates apply directly to your own Job Portal to automatically create records of their information in Crelate.

A screen displaying the new candidates button, utilizing corporate recruiting software.

Track candidates through every stage of your process.

Configure your workflow to work the way you do.

Visualize your applicants with colorful tiles. Simply drag and drop the tiles through your hiring workflow.

Customize your candidate pipeline to automate sending emails, managing supporting documents, and tracking other ad-hoc tasks.

A screenshot of the Azure cloud developer dashboard used for corporate recruiting software.
A screenshot of a short list displayed on corporate recruiting software.

Easily gather notes and feedback.

Spend your time on engaging your candidates — not organizing your inbox.

Crelate stores your notes and interactions to manage interviews, feedback, submissions, and more.

Hiring managers and interviewers only see the job and candidate details that are shared with them.

Make the right decisions.

Selecting the perfect candidate is simple with a workflow that matches your process.

Kick off the onboarding process without sifting through emails.

Collect the appropriate documents, automatically email your onboarding or HR team, and get that candidate started.

A screen shot of a screen displaying resumes using corporate recruiting software.

Corporate recruiters need a better solution than one-size-fits-all.

Our team works with you to find your perfect solution. We’ll migrate your data and set up a workflow and environment that’s custom to your needs.

Outlook integration

Job board publishing

Candidate workflows

Activity tracking

Resume parsing

Analytics & reporting

Candidate portal

Mobile app