Help Crelate Talent Make the Next Great ATS + CRM!

Purpose of the Survey:

Crelate Talent has spent the past five years building an applicant tracking system that has the primary aim of helping recruiters be the best they can be. Our goal is to help recruiters connect talented candidates with amazing opportunities. We also think HR Technology should put a premium on helping recruiters develop long-term relationships with their candidates and clients.

We value feedback from our user community and often make decisions about what to build based on directly what our users tell us they need to be more productive. It is with this spirit that we have constructed the Crelate Recruiting Technology Survey 2017.

This survey asks recruiters what they would like to see built in the next 5 years. Namely, we are asking HR pros to prioritize the types of technology that will take them to the next level and ensure business success as well as personal growth.

Thanks for your Participation: 

We value your time and, therefore, we are offering you a cup of coffee for helping us continue to build an amazing ATS + CRM.

We will send you a $5 Starbucks gift card for completing the survey!

Limited to members of the SF Recruiters Meetup Group (from June 27th – July 18th), other restrictions apply.