Crelate Classroom: Data Visualization and Recruiting Analytics

Take your hiring to the next level with Crelate’s recruiting analytics and data visualization features. With actionable insight into every facet of your recruiting business, you can improve your processes and make better, more informed decisions when acquiring talent. Register for this webinar to join Ian Remington, Crelate’s Senior Customer Success Specialist, as he demonstrates how to create reporting dashboards that help you understand your recruitment performance from end-to-end.

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It’s important to have an existing Crelate account to visualize your recruiting data. You can create a trial account to get started.

Meet the Speaker

Ian joined Crelate in  2016 as one of the first members of  the Customer Success team to focus on  educating and  empowering  recruiters to  improve hiring  processes with Crelate’s ATS and  CRM software solution.

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