Crelate and Duck'n'Owl Integration

Logo of DuckDuckGo, featuring a stylized duck head on a dark background with the brand name and Crelate integration.
Logos of Crelate and Ducknowl on a blue background, indicating a partnership or integration for their product roadmap between the two companies.

Ducknowl is a talent screening and assessment platform for pre-employment screening of candidates during the hiring process. Ducknowl has partnered with Crelate to help companies and staffing agencies screen and hire top talent.

With the Ducknowl and Crelate Integration, you can invite candidates for remote interviews, live interviews, and assessments directly from Crelate.

Video interviewing is a modern way of recruiting. This process is executed by either sending questions to your candidate that they can review and answer on their own time. Video interviewing solutions help recruiters to reduce hiring time, provide new insights about a potential candidate, and broaden their candidate base to include remote applicants. According to a further study, 47% of organizations use video interviewing software.

Video interviewing allows recruiters and candidates to conduct and close a job interview faster than traditional hiring methods. Finally, even candidates love video interviewing since they can reduce travel costs and the time involved in face-to-face interviews.

What more could hiring teams need than a test to assess a candidate’s hard skills? It’s more than testing skills: it’s seeing integrity, analytics, and customizability. With automated proctoring to enforce accountability, level indicators and score breakdowns to gauge skill level, and access to create your own assessments, Ducknowl breaks away from your average niche skill assessment platform.

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