Recruiting CRM

Collaborate with your team, manage opportunities, and gain insight into your sales workflow right alongside your talent pipelines. Built on the same platform as our Job Dashboard, the new sales workflow is fully customizable and can be configured to let you see what you want, how you want. We’ve combined industry standard concepts such as Leads with our more fluid concept of an Opportunity to provide a sales feature that is intuitive, seamless and flexible.

Sales Workflows

The Sales Tab gives you a view of your entire sales process, all on one page. 
  • Fully customizable view with four sales stages by default – New Leads, In Progress, Filled, and Lost
  • Track potential and expected value for job leads and opportunities
  • Capture basic information, work job leads through customizable qualification stages and, when ready, optionally make them available to your recruiting team

Sales workflows are an extremely powerful addition to your recruitment business. Candidates can become new job leads and job leads can become candidates – manage them all with Crelate.

sales workflows
opportunity valuations

Opportunity Valuation

Easily track financial value of opportunities
  • Fully customizable valuation form
  • Automatically calculate fee-based values and potential values

Gain insight over potential business and revenue. Forecasting and valuations are easily tracked and calculated so that you can stay on top of emerging trends.

Business Analytics

Easily generate custom business and sales reports
  • Filter jobs by placements, companies, opportunities and more
  • If Opportunities aren’t won you have the ability to note and track the reasons so you can fine tune your business proposals.
  • Track successful candidate placements on job opportunities
  • Generate a variety of sales charts including: expected value by stage, historical comparisons, average time in stage, and more…
business analytics
customizable crm

Fully Customizable

Crelate’s CRM is fully customizable to fit your needs
  • Customizable opportunity types, opportunity projects, and placement forms, among others
  • Import leads from excel
  • All other customizable fields from our ATS are also included in our CRM
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