Email and Messaging

G Suite and Office 365 Integration

Crelate loves email! Without the need for addins or extra applications you can add contacts, parse resumes and vCards, and track your conversations all within the system.
  • Use your favorite email provider to message candidates
  • Send meeting invitations and sync your calendar
  • Manage your email just the way you like without losing any functionality
  • Send bulk emails, create templates, and so much more…
g suite, outlook, office 365 integration
mobile client

Mobile Ready

Check on your contacts and candidates even when away from your desk. Crelate Talent provides iPhone and iPad apps for all standard and higher users.
  • View candidates details including resumes
  • Call your contacts straight from the iPhone app and log the call
  • Track notes about your candidates

sms integration

Send text messages and manage conversations through Crelate
  • Create custom numbers to send text messages
  • Conversations are updated and synced in real time
  • Create and allocate numbers to recruiters 
  • Administrators can see all active conversations across numbers
  • Custom voicemail messages direct candidates to a number of your choice

With SMS, you can talk to candidates in a way that they prefer. Messages are linked to their profile so you never lose a message.

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