Crelate is excited to announce that Stephanie Lund is joining the team as the Digital Marketing Lead. Stephanie grew up in Paradise, California (northern California) and graduated from California State University in 2004. Stephanie has spent 8 years in marketing using data and analytics to drive marketing efforts.

Stephanie summed up her career so far by saying, “I’ve worked for small boutique agencies as well as doing in-house marketing for fortune 500 companies. Before making the switch to marketing in 2010, I was a recruiter for Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Disney.” Having been a recruiter Stephanie will be able to empathize with Crelate’s user community, which is very important to the culture at Crelate. Previous to coming to Crelate Stephanie worked at Concur doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

When asked about the move to Crelate Stephanie noted, “I’m most excited about this opportunity because there is so much potential not only for the company but also for marketing. Getting to build a robust marketing department from the ground up is extremely exciting. Feels like there is no limit to what we will be able to accomplish.”

Stephanie has two children and can often be found at t-ball practice or on a soccer field. Additionally, she enjoys hiking, doing yoga, and going to her kickboxing class.

On bringing Stephanie aboard Crelate CEO Aaron Elder said, “Stephanie will be heading up our demand generation marketing activities. I am really excited to be making this additional and very important investment in marketing.”

Welcome Stephanie Lund to the Crelate family!