Today we are excited to announce the addition of James Hemmaplardh to our growing team. James joins the team as our lead Software Developer Engineer Tester (SDET) and will focus on product quality and internal automation. James brings years of software testing experience, as well as an exceptional customer-focused passion for quality.

“I’m excited to be joining the Crelate team and am excited by the large scope of my role. I enjoy wearing many hats when I work. Join a product team that is, so customer focused, means I will be pushed to grow and be able to make a real impact.” said James.

As the Crelate Talent scales and grows in capabilities, the need for dedicated quality and automation expertise has grown as well. The addition of James to the team will help us ship even more new features with even with higher quality. The investment in internal automation will also free up our existing team so that they can spend more time with customers and build great new capabilities.

I am excited about our continued growth as we look to make several new hires throughout the rest of 2018.