The 3 Components of Greatness – Colin Cowherd

For your Monday Motivation check out Fox Sports radio personality Colin Cowherd discussing three things that lead to greatness. These are clearly applicable in sports, but also relevant to business and recruiting. There’s never a bad time to remind ourselves of why we work so hard and what we are striving for. Cowherd is talking here about the greatness of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady but these key components can be applied to situations outside of sports. This is a great list to remember as you strive daily to be the best you can be.

To be GREAT you need…

  • Chip on Your Shoulder – We’ve all been slighted or felt undervalued at some point in our lives. Often it might be what someone has said about our abilities or potential. Often for athletes it’s their draft position or what ‘experts’ have said about them in the media. People that are chasing greatness use these situations as motivation and keep a chip on their shoulder that serves to keep them motivated and “hungry”. The psychological power of proving others wrong can be very important for working toward greatness. Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round.


  • Great Support Around You – No one achieves greatness on their own – we must have a supportive team around us (including family, friends, bosses, a business ecosystem, and so on). It’s important to acknowledge the impact others have on us and pay it forward for those that will come after. Tom Brady has always had a solid offensive line.


  • Rival to Chase – We need to be motivated daily by chasing a rival. Having someone that is performing at the highest level that we are trying to chase/emulate helps get us to greatness. Keeping these people on top of mind can serve to help motivate us on a daily basis. Tom Brady is chasing Peyton Manning.

Take time out this week to think about what you are doing to get to greatness. Also, be sure to thank those around you that are supporting your efforts to be great!


3 Components of Greatness: Chip on Shoulder, Support, Rival to Chase

3 Components of Greatness: Chip on Shoulder, Support, Rival to Chase