Will Automation Take Away all our Jobs?

An incredibly hot topic these days is the impact of automation on the future of work. Conventional wisdom says that automation will cause the economy to need less workers and, thus, depress wages and our standard of living.

In this interesting TED Talk, by labor market expert David Autor, he provides a unique take on the question and one that will likely surprise and inspire you. Take your lunch break and check out this insightful information.

David Autor notes:

Yes, ATMs could do certain cash-handling tasks faster and better than tellers, but that didn’t make tellers superfluous. It increased the importance of their problem-solving skills and their relationships with customers. 


The same principle applies if we’re building a building, if we’re diagnosing and caring for a patient, or if we are teaching a class to a roomful of high schoolers. As our tools improve, technology magnifies our leverage and increases the importance of our expertise and our judgment and our creativity.