Routine Disruption can Lead to Creativity

For this week’s installment of Crelate’s Monday Morning Inspiration encourage your team members to break out of your daily routines this week! So often it’s easy to get stuck in the same day-to-day routines when it comes to our work lives. We tend to get up at the same time, drive the same way to work, eat the same foods, talk to the same people at work, and so on. As was to re-charge creativity add a little routine disruption to your week.

Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” was created by Bucking Routines

There is evidence, especially from famed artists, that breaking out of routines can lead to new ideas and creativity. For instance, Miles Davis’s 1959 album Kind of Blue (which is considered by many as one of the greatest jazz albums of all time) was created by the musicians’ ‘first take’ to the music. Therefore, on this album the musicians couldn’t rely on old routines, patterns, and habits. On the contrary they were all creating and discovering simultaneously on the fly.

Encourage Your Team to Disrupt

Here are few ways to avoid stagnation and shake up your routines and patterns:

  • Give up complete control of your daily routine – be open to changes in the schedule
  • Embrace failing and, therefore, be willing to take risks – be open to trying new things often
  • Seek out the unfamiliar – put yourself in unfamiliar places and situations
  • Give yourself a fresh start – starting new helps reinforce positive habit changes

And finally, as you start your Monday Morning meeting – try playing a little jazz from Miles Davis’ awesome album – Kind of Blue!