At Crelate we believe the heart of any good Talent Relationship Management solution is helping recruiters perform better by focusing on the things that matter and helping them do what they do best: making connections and communicating regularly (with each other and with potential clients and job candidates). We believe these are two hallmarks of high-performing recruiters and, therefore, our solutions are designed to assist in lessening the time of record keeping so that more time can be spent  doing the things good recruiters are passionate about–being in the community, building relationships in that community of talent, and spending time forging new relationships by connecting talented people to meaningful opportunities.

Recent Reporting Improvements

  • Near Real-time – All reports now show up-to-date data, that lags actual activity by only a few seconds.
  • Easier to use Filters – Filters are even easier to use and understand with improved range selections and pre-defined ranges.
  • Export Options – Added Microsoft Excel as an export format, in addition to CVS and PDF. Also, you can export more data than before.
  • Candidates by User Reports – See who is sourcing the most candidates overall and over time.
  • Job Create / Close Reports – See when jobs come in and when they are being closed out.
  • Activity Stream Report – View, slice and dice the activity stream across your entire organization in one place.

It is clear that Recruiting managers need the ability to follow team activities so they can effectively measure their team’s efforts and direct resources at the right problem. For these reports to work, they need to be clear, simple and updated in real time. Additionally, effective reporting allows managers to plan for the future by having access to the most pertinent information as well as monitoring the progress of placements, current job openings, and potential candidates. Recruiting managers now have a faster and simpler place to go in Crelate to get a quick overview of how their teams are performing over specific periods. It is also easy to quickly view activity by time, particular activity, and activity by a specific recruiter. Once the report(s) are in view it is then simple to export this information to Microsoft Excel or PDF.


Furthermore, managers can quickly access activities being generated–parts of the  candidate workflow that have been completed as well as tasks that are in process and due at a later date. Reports are clearly organized by Company, Job, User and by Activity Stream (a listing of all activities that are completed or in process).  And, of course this can be viewed in the various date filters and easily exported.


What’s more, if a manager needs to get a quick report on the activities in process this critical information is easily found in Crelate’s reporting rebuild. Having this information would allow recruiting managers the flexibility to pinpoint activities that might need more attention by their team members. It’s also possible to filter activities that are “Regarding” a particular job by the stream of activities completed and in process. Managers could also filter activities by the type of activity (Email, phone call, etc.), who performed the activity, or the owner of the job. This feature assists managers in understanding what their recruiting team members are working on so they can feel at ease with progress being made toward team goals and future planning. Additionally, managers will be able to easily identify top producers.




Yet another way that Crelate’s reporting could be of use for recruiters would be for managers to be able to quickly get information about a particular job. Reports can be generated based on job stage, in a couple of different data visualization options. This could be super-helpful for planning and capturing in ‘real-time’ the headway your team is making. Once notes and other key aspects of the process are in Crelate it’s easy to review these activities to quickly become reacquainted with a job, candidate, or company. This should help to foster the over-communication that ensures recruitment teams are clicking on all cylinders.


To summarize, we are very excited to make continued improvements to Crelate’s reporting capability.  We make these modifications with an eye toward easing the more mundane chores that recruiters must do on a daily basis, so that they are freed to do what inspires them: interacting and connecting with current and potential clients and sponsoring long-lasting relationships.