Crelate #9 Applicant Tracking Software According to GetApp

Crelate is happy to announce that our ATS app has made it as a Top 10 Applicant Tacking System on GetApp for Q1 of 2017. This time Crelate was ranked #9. GetApp reviews over 3,700 apps that help businesses grow and prosper.


Crelate Named #9 ATS for Q1 of 2017

GetApp’s quarterly ranking is designed to help business owners and decision makers narrow down the difficult task of finding the right cloud-based solution for their business.

Segmented by product category, the ranking highlights the top 25 cloud-based business applications, giving a snapshot of the leading applications in the industry.

Unique in GetApp, each app’s score is completely independent of commercial interests and existing relationships that GetApp has with app vendors, maintaining a focus on giving businesses a reflective and comparative picture of leading apps in popular product categories.

GetApp uses five data points to rank apps based on a combination of its own unique data, as well as data collected from third-party sources. Each data point is scored out of 20, with a total potential score of 100.

The five data points used to rank each app are:

  1. User reviews–based on the number and rating of reviews on GetApp.
  2. Integrations–based on the number of integrations with other apps listed on GetApp.
  3. Mobile platforms–based on the availability of an Android and iOS app and its rating in Google Play and the App Store, respectively.
  4. Media presence–based on the number of followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook, respectively.
  5. Security–based on a security survey developed by GetApp, modeled on the Cloud Security Alliance self-assessment form.

If two or more applications have the same overall score, a weighting system is used as a tie-breaking method to rank them. In these cases, apps with a higher score for security take precedence, followed by reviews, integrations, mobile apps, and then media.

When considering the value of business application, each of these data points provides useful comparison information pointing to things like popularity (user reviews), compatibility (integrations and mobile platforms), market presence (media presence), and security, giving businesses a starting point from which to choose the best cloud based software.

We are excited to be #9 and are looking forward to moving even higher as we continue to improve and grow Crelate Talent.