Empathy Shouldn’t be Overlooked

No matter what business you are in the power of empathy can be critical. Simply defined empathy is: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

As Jayson Boyers argued in a Forbes article, “Though the concept of empathy might contradict the modern concept of a traditional workplace–competitive, cutthroat, and with employees climbing over each other to reach the top–the reality is that for business leaders to experience success, they need to not just see or hear the activity around them, but also relate to the people they serve.”

For those working in recruiting practicing empathy is a game-changer and sometimes can be forgotten or devalued in our competitive work environments.

Successful people do not operate alone; each of us needs the support of others to achieve positive results that push us toward our goals. True empathy combines understanding both the emotional and the logical rationale that goes into every decision.


The door for empathy opens when we suspend our disbeliefs and openly engage new ideas. Relationship-focused success expands capacity and potential, and empathy is a business skill that actually grows when practiced and shared. –Jayson Boyers

For even more inspiration on the power of empathy and compassion check out Psychologist Daniel Goleman’s TED Talk. Be mindful of empathy for your start to another work week.