Who’s coming with me?

It’s the Monday of July 4th week so I thought it was a good time to reference a great movie Jerry Maguire to help everyone be inspired this week. Jerry is a sports agent who realizes the way his company treats people isn’t right and lets everyone know about it. He ends up getting him fired for the ‘manifesto’ and sets up his own shop. He took a risk by sharing his vision with his colleagues and got fired for doing so. One closed door opened to many new opportunities. This doesn’t just happen in the movies.

There are many great aspects of this movie that are relevant, but in particular there’s the scene where Jerry (Tom Cruise) gets fired (for having an epiphany that people matter) and on the way out he pleads with his colleagues to go with him. He gets one person (and one fish-Flipper) to say yes. Job changes clearly have risks, but the reward can be well worth it.

When it’s Time to Go…

A job switch can be incredibly stressful and cause upset in our lives. However, change can also be exactly what we need to re-charge and become inspired again. Jerry was in a rut at work and not feeling good about how he was treating people because of the company culture. He had to take a step outside of his work environment to see that the company’s mores weren’t in line with his values and worldview. In his case he stayed up all night writing a company “mission statement.” He wanted to work somewhere where there was more camaraderie and team building, a better way of “treating people”.

Perhaps it’s time you considered what Jerry did…

If anybody else wants to come with me this moment will be the moment of something real and fun and inspiring in this God-forsaken business…and we will do it together. Who’s coming with me?