Recruiters meet new people every day and are constantly collecting data and information on members of their talent communities. Once the information is in your database it becomes paramount to have a solution that allows quick and trouble-free access to the information that matters most.

Recording data and interactions provides little value unless you are able to easily retrieve that information.  When we designed our Search feature, we knew that we had to arm the recruiter with the ability to search for everything at once–location, resumes, notes, activities, skills, documents, and many other items, without them feeling that they have to become “expert searchers”.   Recruiters are at their best when they are building relationships with their candidates and customers, and we knew that our Search tool had to be an effortless process.  To do this, we make it easy to find what you need even if you can’t remember exactly where it is (or all of the relevant details), and quickly turn those results into action.  Once the search is completed you can save the search and effortlessly add the information to jobs, companies, candidates, or send bulk emails. Another incredibly important facet of effective searching is that results have to be fast–Crelate’s search engine is lightening fast.

Recent Search Improvements

  • Complete Boolean and Full-Text Searching in one Query – Perform a search of all notes, resumes, and documents as well as any combination of field-level filters at the same time.
  • Saved Searches – You can now save and share your search queries just like any other list in Crelate. We even keep track of your recent search activity automatically, so you can quickly go back to searches recently worked on.
  • Visualizations (Grid and Map Views) – For Pro-level subscribers, search results can now be viewed on a customizable and sortable grid or even on a map.
  • Radius Searches for Companies and Jobs – Search for companies, clients and jobs by geolocation – Ex: Find me all open positions within 25 miles of Seattle.
  • Search for Records by Owner – You can now search for and filter your results by Owner.
  • Advanced Data Filters – We have added a new and expanded ability to filter on things like “AND NOT,” “Has Data,” and “Has no Data.” Ex: Find me all candidates that don’t have an email address.
  • Search Based on the Job a Candidate is on – We have renamed the “Candidate for Job” to “On Job” and made it available to the new Search experience.
  • Searching by Record Type – We have expanded your ability to search by record type.
  • More info in Search Results – We have added Current Company to the search results view.
  • Updated Date Filters – Allow you to quickly search by “Last Quarter,” “Last Month,” “Last Year,” etc.

Crelate’s Search solution offers complete Boolean and full-text searching capabilities in one query. Recruiters don’t have time to go digging through thousands of candidate records to find the one person they’re looking for. A recruiter’s job is to build relationships with candidates, not endlessly scroll through lists of them. Talent Relationship Management (TRM) technology should help recruiters access important data on user activity, candidate sources, workflows, and hiring timelines–and then that technology should get out of the recruiter’s way and let them work their magic. This is precisely what our Search does. Further, our search engine allows for ‘fuzzy logic’–whereby information can be quickly located even if the ‘exact’ information isn’t typed in verbatim.  For example, if you type in ‘William’ or ‘Bill’ you are going to get results for both names.


Another new feature, in our latest release, has been the addition of data visualization. If you are searching for candidates for a particular position you can view them in a “List,” “Grid,” or “Map” view. Of course you can also view a map of all of the other possible filters in Search: Companies, Jobs, and Candidates. There are several filters that can be used to narrow your searches (such as Tags, Location-within, Owners, and Last Updated).


Additionally, with our advanced data filters it is easy to build and, even more importantly, save Boolean searches (that may be complex) with the option to filter by “AND, OR, AND NOT.” This allows recruiters to limit, broaden, or define their searches in the most efficient way possible. For instance, you could search for candidates with “CRM” anywhere on their record and then Filter by “Education” (perhaps filtering further by degree, school, or graduation year) and “Location” (within 25 miles of Baltimore, MD)–then populate results. You could also filter by “Job Title” and say view all records without “Project Management” in the record (“AND NOT”). What’s more, our search function allows recruiters to take direct action on the results of a search. No need to go clicking through candidate profiles: If you see the person you’re looking for, you can easily add them to a job or email list right from the results page. The view below is in “Grid” view.


In summary, Crelate is in the business of de-cluttering the lives of recruiters and allowing for many more opportunities to network and connect with clients.  Our search improvements will surely allow recruiters to track connections and interactions and allow for more time to build relationships and grow their clienteles.