Crelate Professional Support

Providing amazing, responsive and professional customer support is important to us and so is being transparent about how we are measuring up.  That’s why we just recently expanded our Customer Success team with two additional (Jason Capps, and Tim Keckler) members.

In this post, we will provide a quick update on how we are doing against the industry average and performance goals.  We are excited to report a couple of highlights over the last month. Our help desk provides assistance at all stages of the process including on-boarding, implementation, and any on-going issues that may come up.

Crelate’s average Time to First Reply was just 4 hours over the past month, with 49% of our support tickets being responded to within 1 hour or less, 32% were 1-8 hours, and 0% were more than 24 hours.  That means we responded to 100% of all tickets within 24 hours.  According to ZenDesk’s published statistics, the industry average for companies of our size was 21 hours and for software companies in general, the average was 19 hours.


We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional support services.