Since the beginning of Crelate our customers have reviewed us on various software review sites including: Software Advice, Capterra, GetApp, and G2Crowd.

We consistently communicate with our customers to understand their business problems and to learn about the best ways our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can make their lives easier. Customer reviews are one avenue of communication we evaluate often.

Another useful tool for doing a ‘theme’ analysis of text are word clouds. Word Clouds or tag clouds are graphical representations of word frequency that give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in a source text (in our case customer reviews).

The larger the word in the visual the more common the word was in the document(s). This type of visualization can assist people doing exploratory textual analysis and for communicating the most salient points or themes.

In order to create our word cloud we took the text from more than 50 of our reviews and put them into a Word Cloud generator. By doing this exercise one can get a glimpse into the story of Crelate and our vision for how technology should edify the recruiting process.

It’s nice to see words stand out (and repeated often) that we value. Additionally, the feedback makes us proud to be delivering an People2016Originaleffective software solution.

A few themes included:

  • customer 
  • team
  • support
  • solution
  • easily/easy/ease
  • service
  • better/best/great
  • customization 
  • business

One of the goals of Crelate is to provide software that allows recruiting professionals the time to meet new people and connect with their communities. Our customer reviews indicate we are hitting the mark on this important objective.

We look forward to continuing to build a great Applicant Tracking System for recruiters and hiring managers as well as listening closely to our customers.