What Does it Mean to Truly Be Happy?

A few years ago a telling documentary came out asking the question: What truly makes people Happy? This film asked the question to several people around the globe and the results are likely counter to what people might think. What’s more the United States ranked 23rd in overall Happiness according to one study.

So, what a few key take-away’s from this intriguing documentary?

  1. Intent and Positive Behavior Matter: One’s happiness is thought to be broken down into the following 3 categories: 50% being genetic, 10% coming from circumstances (wealth/status). The other 40% is from one’s intent to be happy and one’s positive behavior and choices.
  2. Regular Exercise is Important: Increases in wealth has NOT lead to increases in happiness. One way to be happier is to exercise regularly according the documentary Happy.
  3. Compassion and Empathy are Critical: Investing in one’s community is pivotal for being happier. Compassion and helping others contribute more to happiness than fame and power.
  4. The Power of Gratitude: Expressing Gratitude can lead to greater happiness. Happy people are grateful for their lives and take time to appreciate what they have on a regular basis.

Recruiters Prone to Happiness?

For those working in the recruiting and HR business it is often noted thayt these folks have a real sense of satisfaction from their work. It makes total sense when we understand the ‘science’ behind happiness and the fact that recruiters are in the ‘people business’ and often live out compassion, empathy, and gratitude on a daily basis.

For more, check out the full movie: Happy