Crelate Answers the “Why” Question

The following questions should be asked: Why does Crelate exist? What is our cause? What are our core beliefs? These are critically important questions that our team thinks and talks about often as we continue to work toward building the best Talent Relationship Management Software on the market.

Crelate’s Purpose

Crelate exists for one reason: to create superior Talent Relationship Management Software that allows recruiters to constantly connect with other people and foster long-term relationships. We founded Crelate in 2012 with the idea to combine the best attributes of CRM with ATS and build an excellent TRM. With our background in consulting, CRM, and building Talent-Centric Businesses we recognized the need for a solution that would stress the importance of personal relationships in recruiting. We also saw project after project fail to meet user expectations, largely because the software wasn’t used–or was being built for the wrong reasons. Therefore, we saw a real gap between CRM-based and ATS-based recruiting solutions. The answer became the development of a new system that would combine CRM and ATS into a TRM solution that would always value ‘human relationships’ in the recruiting process.






Crelate’s Cause

What is our cause? We are deeply committed to providing TRMS that allows recruiters to do what they are passionate about: shepherding talented people through their careers and watching them blossom over several years. We strive to produce TRMS that assists recruiters in achieving this lofty goal. A few more primary principles include:

  • We are committed to flexibility over rigidity
  • We believe nurturing and retaining talent requires mutual respect and ongoing growth
  • We are committed to assisting recruiters with bringing talented people together with the right opportunities
  • We value long-term relationships/partnerships
  • We are committed to reducing friction in the recruiting process

Crelate’s Core Beliefs

What are our core beliefs? Rather than just list our beliefs we think it’s prudent to let one of our customers speak to their experience with Crelate.

Recently a Crelate customer was asked what they liked about our TRMS and their response was: “Crelate has provided much needed simplicity and functionality for my recruiting workflow. My assistant is working 10+ hours per week LESS doing data entry and similar tasks with Crelate than with our previous ATS, which give me 10+ hours of her time for more productive tasks. I love the flexibility and ease of use for the workflow stages, and I appreciate that all of the information I need is on one screen-no waiting for other views to open. If I could give customer support a higher rating than 5 stars…I definitely would do so!”

We love this and are proud to be providing a solution that is meeting many of our pre-planned goals, while also constantly looking to improve and expand on our solutions for recruiters. We still have work to do, but are looking forward to the journey. We love getting feedback and consistently iterating on the product. We will continue to strive to help you connect your clients with the right job opportunities.