Checking in with Crelate Customers


Often at Crelate we like to check in with our user community to get the pulse of our customers. One way to evaluate customer feedback is by reading recent reviews. Here are few responses from reviews we’ve received in the last few months. We are excited that our Applicant Tracking Software is helping recruiters, sourcers, hiring managers, and HR professionals be the best they can be!

General Comments

Our team spent months searching for an ATS/CRM. Finally we came to a point and gave up. We chose a 20-year-old system that most headhunters use because we were desperate. It was the worst experience, 10 clicks to get to a simple step. We gave up and lost many houses and hundreds of dollars. Back on the search, we stumbled across CRELATE! Amazing customer service and ease of use!

Of course there is no perfect solution. But these guys are amazinlg simply because they are USA based and when you email they RESPOND. Give these guys a shot….They won’t disappoint! When I saw the product in the demo I was thrilled because it’s the kind of product that you can use without training. Your home page is an overview of your openings and the candidates in your funnel.

Everything is intuitive, very easy to understand and you can easily see or guess where to go to look for data and take action. I’ve seen other products that are not as modern or up to date with old platforms/features that are very clunky and tedious to use for twice the price and more. It’s very easy to customize, both data input fields and reporting. So far, I’m happy to have chosen it. This is an up and coming product that definitely deserves a try.

The best part about Crelate is their support. Whenever I do have a question they are incredibly responsive. Recently I re-branded my firm (new name, new website) and their support engineer worked hand in hand with me to make sure everything launched without a hitch. The product is terrific and it does what I need an Applicant Tracking System to do. It doesn’t get bogged down with stuff I don’t need. Also, they really listen. On several occasions, I have made suggestions for improvements and they built it into their next quarterly release.


Intuitive, robust, makes sense, works like a recruiter works. The support is super responsive, timely and concerned about making everything work just right.

Great value, highly customizable.

Flexible and intuitive

Ease of use, robust, automation, customer service is 5-star

Simple and attractive user interface; Good support

Areas for Improvement

There are some integrations to third party products that bigger ATS products offer that Crelate does not yet, but I think in time they will add the ones that are most valuable.

Some of the ability to get things fixed or up and running Immediately. However the company is very responsive.

All software programs have glitches, Crelate is no exception. But so far, no cons that I can list as cons.

Advice to Others in the Market for an ATS

If you are a small recruiting shop, this is the best solution out there for you.

Cant beat the price. and it functions, just like the bigger more expensive ATS, just not as many clicks.

I would recommend this product to start up’s, its affordable, and easy to get around when connecting to web-sites and posting job’s.

Shop around, don’t settle for the name-brand because you’ll just end up paying more for a tired old dinosaur and missing out on the cool new features of the newer products, that also cost much less!!

This has been one of the best decisions we made for our business.

Crelate is constantly looking for ways to improve and help our users attain their business goals. Glad to see we are on the right path for achieving this goal and we look forward to continuing to adjust to the needs of HR professionals.