Crelate’s Refurbished Home Page & Job Dashboard

Crelate’s Spring 2016 Release is coming soon and with it, a remodeled home page! In two posts, over the next couple of weeks, we will give a brief overview of what changes you can look forward to. In this first installation, I will outline the significant changes we are making to the “Home Page” and “Job Dashboard”. Our goal is make it easy and accessible to view all of your most important data from the Home Page–in a myriad of views. Also, we want to offer several options for exporting the right data so team meetings will be incredibly productive and useful for everyone. 


Crelate 2016 Spring Release – New Home Page

NEW Home Page and Job Dashboard Features

For the spring release we have done a complete re-model of the Home Page/Job Dashboard. We take very seriously customer feedback and so the changes are a combination of feedback regarding what changes would be most valued by our users, as well as brainstorming by the Crelate team to find the best solutions to the business problems of recruiters and hiring managers.

One request we hear often is, “Hey Jamey it would be great to have an easy way to view more data on the Home Page and then be able to easily export that information so our Monday morning meeting can be more efficient.” It is this type of inspiration that spurs a re-model of the Home Screen by our Dev team. 

We think these changes will help recruiters and hiring managers quickly get up-to-speed on the progress of the team, namely where searches are at and what remains to be done (for each job).  

  • NEW Drop Down and Text Box on Home Page – View & Filter Search Field (Text Box) 
  • NEW View Drop Down with Several New Viewing Options – All Candidates on All Jobs
  • NEW View Options – Group By: Job, Job Status, Job Owner, Company, Status then Job, Company then Job, or Owner then Job
  • NEW View Options – Sort by Name: Name or Last Activity 

Crelate 2016 Spring Release – New Home Page – Customization/Configure

  • NEW Configure the View – Allows for users to Customize which Fields show up on the Board (and how they are represented): Tiles, Tile Size, Grouping–Horizontally or Vertically in Swim Lanes, Sort by Name or Last Activity, and Fields–which includes a whole host of customization options

Crelate 2016 Spring Release – New Home Page – Customizing Column Content

This is just a quick preview of the changes and upgrades that are in the works. In our next installment we will present our new “Notifications” feature that will help our customers be more efficient and organized.