How Better Tech Could Protect us From Distraction

For your Monday morning inspiration this week check out a TED talk by Tristan Harris  titled: How Better Tech Could Protect us From Distraction. So often technology interrupts us from work, play and our down time. Design thinker Tristan Harris poses the question: What does the future of technology look like when you’re designing for the deepest human values?

Well, the thing is …my phone is a slot machine. Every time I check my phone,I’m playing the slot machine to see,what am I going to get? What am I going to get?Every time I check my email,I’m playing the slot machine, saying, “What am I going to get?” Every time I scroll a news feed,I’m playing the slot machine to see,what am I going to get next? And the thing is that,again, knowing exactly how this works — and I’m a designer,I know exactly how the psychology of this works,I know exactly what’s going on —but it doesn’t leave me with any choice, I still just get sucked into it.


So what are we going to do?Because it leaves us with this all-or-nothing relationshipwith technology, right?You’re either on,and you’re connected and distracted all the time,or you’re off,but then you’re wondering,am I missing something important?In other words, you’re either distractedor you have fear of missing out.Right?


Can you imagine how inspiring it would be to come to work every day and measure your success in the actual net new contribution of hours in people’s lives that are positive, that would have never existed if you didn’t do what you were about to do at work today? Can you imagine a whole world that worked this way?