When Moving to a New ATS Effective Customer Support is Crucial


Crelate Customer Success Team Member Ian Remington

Crelate Customer Success Team Member Ian Remington

Disruptions and unexpected events can often provide small business owners with unwanted stress and sleepless nights. One particularly difficult situation is when your Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) vendor is no longer in business and, therefore, unable to provide software to run your recruiting business. It turns out the HR Software market is constantly reinventing itself and, therefore, volatility in the ATS market can provide situations where recruiting agencies are left searching feverishly for alternative solutions.

When this happens it can cause quite a stir and instill uneasiness about how the business will remain productive–while the search is on for a new software solution. No doubt one concern becomes how quickly your team will be able to get up and running with a new software system.

Recruiting managers are then left to ask themselves:

  • How long will it take to find a new solution? 
  • How long will it take to get my team up to speed on the new solution? 
  • How much downtime will we have and how will that affect our business and our revenue? 
  • How responsive will our new customer success team be to our questions? 
  • Can I trust the customer success team, of our new ATS, to be there when I have questions or issues?

Clearly, having access to a customer success team that is responsive and knowledgeable is absolutely critical. This article is part of a series of articles. In the first article we tackled data migrations from your old system.  In this one, the second of our series, we will outline Crelate’s approach to supporting our user community. One of our goals is for our customer success team to help calm the waters when you decide to take the plunge and adopt our recruiting software. It’s interesting to start with what research tells us about the customer support process for software users.

Report Affirms Importance of Quality Customer Support


Trust is built by offering excellent customer support

Trust is Built by Offering Excellent Customer Support

Dimensional Research in conjunction with Zen Desk conducted a study titled, “The Impact of Customer Service on Customer Lifetime Value“. The purpose of the study was to understand the long-term impact of customer service on business results. Namely, the question was posed: What is the impact of good vs. bad customer service for personal and business purchases?

Researchers surveyed 1046 individuals working in mid-sized businesses in the United States. People who participated in the study were either consumers (B2C) or working in business contexts (B2B). For the survey “mid-sized” was defined as, “any company that was not a large, well-known company or a small or online company.” Further, the 1046 participants included both men and women and represented a wide range of ages as well as household incomes.

There were several interesting nuggets to glean from this study. For the purposes of this article two findings are highly relevant. First, excellent customer service is highly correlated with trust. In fact, “Offers excellent customer service” was the #1 rated response regarding what factor(s) engender trust for vendors. Customer service was ranked above price, brand, and the financial stability of the vendor. Clearly, this is of extreme value and should be taken seriously.

Timeliness #1 Factor for Good Customer Service

Timeliness #1 Factor for Good Customer Service

Second, when customer service is “good” the primary reason why is the problem was resolved quickly–so timeliness and speed of response are super-important.

The researchers concluded, “Customer service experiences are judged more on the timeliness of the interaction than on the final outcome.” This is fascinating and should help shape how a software success team operates. What’s more, other things were connected to “Good” customer service interactions including: the customer support person was nice, the problem was resolved in one interaction (not passed around to multiple people), and finally, the outcome was what I was originally hoping for.

When in the market for a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) it is very important to learn as much as you can about the customer success team and ‘try them out’ as you are doing demos or in the trial period. This will provide a preview of what life will be like when you are a customer. There are several other interesting findings in this study. For the full report: Customer Service and Business Results – A Survey of Customer Service from Mid-Size Companies.

An Active & Reliable Customer Success Team Can Make all the Difference


Median First Reply Time a Remarkable 25 Minutes

Median First Reply Time a Remarkable 25 Minutes

Crelate’s customer success team sets the bar very high regarding the support they provide to our user community. A few key statistics, as well as testimonials from our user community, can help communicate what we value and how we work.

The industry standard (according to Zen Desk) for the “average first reply time” is 19 hours (for web applications). This means that on average it takes customer support teams, in web development, about 19 hours to respond to a support ticket.


For the past year Crelate’s median first reply time is within an hour (24 minutes to be exact). You heard that correctly…we routinely respond to the initial support ticket within a half hour of the ticket being logged! We know that our user community needs to get back to work as soon as possible, so we strive to respond as quick as possible.

Crelate One-Touch Tickets over the Past Year

Crelate’s One-Touch Tickets over the Past Year

It’s not only important to respond quickly, but also to have productive answers and minimize the back and forth. 46% of our support tickets are answered in the first interaction with our users–which is critical for helping our users be as efficient as possible. The trends show that we have shown noticeable improvement in this metric when comparing to last year through June.

If your questions are passed off between several people or take several ‘back-and-forth’ interactions to get resolved this is costing you time and money. Our goal is answer our customer’s inquiries as efficiently as possible, and hopefully, in 1-2 touches.

Crelate Customer Success Team Member Brittanie Sanders

Crelate Customer Success Team Member Brittanie Sanders

Another focus of the customer success team is to ensure that issues are escalated quickly to the development team so they can be fixed in a timely manner. Our 98.5% satisfaction score shows clearly that we are helping people and fixing problems prudently. Of course, we are always looking to be even better, but clearly Crelate’s customer support team is a key reason why we are successful.

Recently a technology recruiting firm who switched to Crelate Talent said the following about the customer service they received, “Crelate’s people are SUPER responsive, thoughtful, creative, and resourceful. Crelate made us feel as though we were a 1000 employee prospect…it is nice to know that such an important partner cares and has your back.”

We are proud to provide this level of service to our recruiting community and look forward to continuing to build trust by providing the best customer support in the Recruiting ATS market.

Crelate Reviews Consistently Cite Customer Support as Superior


Crelate Customer Success Team Member Eric Weinbaum

Crelate Customer Success Team Member Eric Weinbaum

One of the best ways to judge whether or not a software provider is doing a good job is to read reviews from folks that have converted recently. Here’s a sample of what recruiters are saying about the customer success team at Crelate.

Best part is the customer service team. They are super helpful and patient. And, they are willing to take our comments and feedback to the developers.

Service Rock Stars! The best part about Crelate is their support. Whenever I do have a question they are incredibly responsive. Recently I re-branded my firm (new name, new website) and their support engineer worked hand in hand with me to make sure everything launched without a hitch.

Customer service/support is incredible. Very responsive.

The support is super responsive, timely and concerned about making everything work just right.

Agility and responsiveness of the team – they respond to issues immediately (it’s incredible) and they are also very receptive to new ideas. I’m so grateful for the number of times they’ve built new features from my ideas.

If you are looking to upgrade your Applicant Tracking System, or venture into an ATS for the first time, be sure you research the support team to ensure they are going to have your back. If you are in the market for a new Applicant Tracking Solution give our Sales Team (443.569.8262) a shout and let’s begin the conversation so we can show you our approach. Many thanks to Zen Desk for providing our customer success statistics.