All applicant tracking and talent relationship management features…

Job Dashboard

Visualize your applicants with colorful tiles you can simply drag and drop through your hiring workflow. It works as easy as sticky-notes on a whiteboard!

  • View the board as large or small tiles, or as a list.
  • Group and sort your jobs by name, status or company.
  • Customize the board based on how you work your candidate pipeline.

Job Tiles give you relevant, at-a-glance data about your jobs and offer a quick way to view all associated activity, calendar appointments and referral sources.

Customizable job workflows and pipelines
Customizable activity tracking

Activity Stream

Crelate makes it simple to track all your interactions with contacts. It takes only a few clicks to track a conversation you had with someone.

  • Quickly view job, contact and company activity.
  • Customize existing activity types, or add your own.
  • Schedule future activities and follow-up reminders.
  • Pin important notes to the top of the contact to improve visibility.
  • Mention another record in your notes to link the two.
  • Need to change a Phone Screen to an Interview? No problem!

Company Portal

Showcase your open jobs, pin featured “hot” jobs and track applicants. The Portal is not only an online presence for your business, but also an extremely powerful recruitment tool. It is an essential tool in promoting your job on all the popular job board portals.

  • Display your open jobs as tiles, boxes or a list.
  • Mobile-friendly using the latest design standards.
  • Design custom application forms for your posted jobs.
  • Customize the look of your portal with our tools or your custom CSS
  • Google Analytics ready
Customizable candidate portal

Job Board Syndication

Along with your company’s candidate portal, you gain access to a dozen free and paid job boards such as Indeed, Resume Library, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor & more! Crelate Talent also integrates with your existing premium job board subscriptions such as Dice and CareerBuilder.

  • Automatically syndicate jobs to popular job boards
  • Improve the visibility of your jobs with sponsored postings
  • Use your existing partnerships with Dice or CareerBuilder to post jobs
Indeed and SimplyHired
Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter
Juju and Trovit
CareerBuilder and Dice

Email Integration

Crelate loves email! Without the need for addins or extra applications you can add contacts, parse resumes and vCards, and track your conversations all within the system.

  • Track email conversations by BCCing or CCing Crelate.
  • Import entire contacts by sending their resume to the system.
  • Send email right from the activity stream.
  • Create customized email templates and reuse them easily.
  • Send many templated (or not) emails via bulk email.

In the near future we plan on delivering an Outlook App to expedite contact networking even more! Oh, did we mention we love email?

Email integrations
Candidate source reporting

Analytics and reporting

Crelate Talent offers a wide range of reporting capabilities that allow users to filter, measure and understand key recruiting metrics. Where are my candidates coming from? Where are they going? What customers and searches are taking generating the most activity? What are my users doing and for whom? A partial list of reports includes:

  • User activity over time, by client and job
  • Detailed activity breakdown by job
  • User and job activity breakdown
  • Top Users and jobs by Activity
  • Candidates by source over time
  • Candidates by workflow stage
  • Candidate Pipeline Report by Job

Mobile Ready

Check on your contacts and candidates even when away from your desk. Crelate Talent provides iPhone and iPad apps for all standard and higher users.

  • View candidates details including resumes
  • Call your contacts straight from the iPhone app and log the call
  • Track notes about candidates
iPhone app